Project RIFLE

RIFLE is a decision making framework that helps improve targeting by quantifying otherwise non-quantified decisions. If you have a technology, what market should you apply it to? Should you sell to international or domestic markets? Big or small customers? What channels make the most sense for sales? RIFLE can help you be more rigorous and inspire a more effective way for you to make decisions at your company. Read More

Pitch the way VCs think

Learn how to develop an effective fundraising pitch deck and tell your company's story with emotion. We'll guide you through developing your company narrative and what the VC thought process is while making an investment, not to mention basic tips and tricks, in addition to what works and what doesn't in fundraising decks. Read More

Bitcoin 101

What is bitcoin and why is it so important? Hear from Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder of bitcoin startup 21, as he walks us through the fundamentals of bitcoin. Read More


In this talk, Alex Schultz, vice president of growth at Facebook explains the basics of how to gain sustainable traction. Hear stories from Facebook's early days acquiring users and learn why growth must be a priority for everyone in a startup's leadership. Read More