Imagining the Possible

Technology and innovation have reshaped our world and disrupted the way we all live and work. The future may not be knowable, but it is inventable—and it belongs to those who dare to imagine what’s possible.

Making the Impossible Happen

We are passionate about technology-based economic disruption in many industries.

At KV, we fundamentally like large problems that are amenable to technology solutions. We seek out unfair advantages: proprietary and protected technological advances, business model innovations, unique approaches to markets, different partnerships, and teams who are passionate about a vision.

We believe AI has the power to disrupt numerous economic models and change the way we lead our daily lives over the coming years. We invest in deep tech and invest where we can be early, bold and impactful.

We currently invest in these areas:


Technology continues to upend traditional consumer markets and invent new ones across social, media and retail. We invest early in bold companies that strive to change daily consumer habits.

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AI is driving huge changes in the way and remote work is forcing companies to think of new ways to be more productive and efficient. We invest in software and tools behind these new innovations.

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Financial technologies have led to much-needed disruption in the fintech space. We have and continue to bet early and boldly on innovation from payments and insurance to proptech and crypto.

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Manufacturing and logistics lagged in technology innovation for a long time, but that’s rapidly changing with new modes of transportation and the robotics for manufacturing and supply chain.

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MedTech & Diagnostics

Exponential advances in software and biology are making it possible to grasp the intricate complexities of the human body in greater detail, making it easier to lead healthier and longer lives.

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Digital Health

Technology advances are giving consumers the ability to manage, control and change their daily habits to lead to healthier lifestyles.

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The ability to understand the human genes in greater detail is giving rise to innovative medicines and therapies to help patients manage, control and possibly cure deadly diseases.

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We invested in sustainability and climate tech companies very early, and continue to do so in the areas of energy, food and materials among others.

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