Thought Provoking
TED | 12 predictions for the future of technology

A techno-optimist’s vision for the future, plausible tomorrows for 2035-2049 driven by AI and climate tech. This video also appears on TED.

Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology 

As a technology optimist I like to say, “what can be imagined technologically reasonably can be invented” is more true than not and more a…

Societal Innovation
A Few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied…

This post also appears on Medium. 12–15 entrepreneurs, driven by entrepreneurial energy and passion for a vision, and a little bit of luck, could change…

“20 Percent Doctor Included” & Dr. Algorithm: Speculations…

Healthcare has a radical opportunity to reinvent itself.  Healthcare today often results in suboptimal patient outcomes despite doctors doing the best they can within the…

A Glimpse into the Future

Vinod Khosla sits down with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, to discuss the company’s ambitions in building an intelligence that is smarter and more capable…

Money 20/20 | Patrick Collison & Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla interviews Patrick Collison of Stripe on the company’s growth, market opportunity, and the potential impact of AI and blockchain on the future of…

Pitch the Way VCs think: Presenting with Emotion

Vinod Khosla shares the investor perspective and provides advice to entrepreneurs on how to best present to them.

Sun Microsystems Business Plan 

Here is the original business plan for Sun Microsystems written in 1982.

Gene Pool Engineering for Entrepreneurs

Table of Contents Introduction Why first hires are important Background on traditional (functional) recruiting Functional hiring Engineering the Gene Pool Benefits of gene pool engineering…

Company Building “Dozen”

In this video, hear from Vinod Khosla as he provides his perspective on entrepreneurial ventures, both as a founder and investor.

CEO Rituals

Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor, shares some insights from her CEO “playbook” on how to be a successful leader at a time where expectations are…

Building an Enterprise Enterprise!

David Weiden speaks with Todd McKinnon, Co-founder and CEO of Okta, on building a successful, public enterprise company. Todd discusses hiring, who you should have…

Marketing, Sales & Design
A Primer on Cohort Analysis

Growth is a matter of life or death for early stage startups. It’s easy to focus exclusively on top-line growth, such as number of users…

Designing the Future: Making Technology More Accessible

Design matters. In 1980, when I was working on my first startup, Daisy Systems, I hired my first designer, David Kelley. This was long before…

CEO Summits
Winning as an Outsider: Building Something So Good…

Virgílio Bento, Founder and CEO of Sword Health, sits down with Vinod Khosla to chat about building a company as an outsider and lessons learned…

Culture: Willful Blindness

Margaret Heffernan, author and business leader, sits down with Samir Kaul to discuss this phenomenon of avoiding uncomfortable truths and how to address them.