We Believe Change Depends on Unreasonable People

We Believe


depends on unreasonable people

Don’t assume —



trumps hypocritical politeness


Ignore conventional wisdom

Thrive on



Work on what’s truly important

Aim for


but be willing to fail


Design Internship Program

Apprentice with designers at leading startups and get real-world experience, work with the brightest entrepreneurs in the industry and focus on challenging problems and develop your portfolio.

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From the Portfolio


From Vivek Ravisankar, Founder/CEO

“Essentially, KV provides a framework to think about decisions and give freedom to the founder to make the final call. They are actually going to help me build a company; that’s awesome.”

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From the portfolio


 From Amit Soman, President

“EcoMotors came into existence with KV [and] the firm’s belief that dramatic fuel efficiency improvements are required.”

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From the portfolio


 From Kevin Nazemi, Co-Founder

“Solving the delivery of high quality healthcare at low cost will make or break the long-term economy of the U.S.”

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Entrepreneur Resources

The Art, Science and Labor of Recruiting

Congratulations, you are now an executive at a venture-backed company! You survived the presentations, the term sheet shuffle and the due-diligence. But now you have to recruit a team. How do you evaluate a candidate, especially for a management role that you do not have great familiarity with?

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Entrepreneur Resources

A philosophical view of what boards should and should not do

The right advisor asks the questions you never knew were important. Instead of focusing on regular board “governance,” we ask CEOs to focus on the most critical and pivotal risks, questions and opportunities facing the company.

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Company building

The main thing you’re trying to do in startups is optimize risk management. The real test of a company is the tradeoffs you make and how much courage and conviction you have to pursue the billion dollar vision while doing the million dollar tactics. Be obstinate about your vision, but be flexible about your tactics.

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Our Team

Knowing whose advice to take and on what topic is the single most important decision an entrepreneur can make.

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