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TEDxBoston | World Needs 12 Good Instigators to Address Climate Change

Vinod Khosla on

Vinod Khosla, Partner at Khosla Ventures, provides a powerful overview of what is needed to address climate change. He says the world needs 12 good instigators to tackle the break throughs needed to solve climate change. Vinod shares Elon Musk as an example of an instigator who not only opened up the path of EVs but also forced every auto manufacturer to move to electric manufacturing. Pat Brown of Impossible Foods is another instigator who believes and has proven that plant based meet can taste as good or better than animal meet. Vinod believes that many of the environmental ideas he comes across are not real breakthroughs of this kind: “They are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.” To be a breakthrough that matters, Vinod says you have to start with one of the major challenges, find an instigator with a break through idea and funders who will back it...

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