Team 360 reviews

The goal of Team 360 reviews is to provide CEOs with valuable developmental and evaluative feedback from key stakeholders. 


CEOs and their senior team


Health diagnosis


•  Strengths / areas for growth
•  Milestone targets / results
•  Cultural vision


Interview broad set of stakeholders and conduct town halls to take a pulse of the company with the following:

•  Senior management, peers
•  Employees who capture a cross-section / view of the company 
•  Outside directors 
•  Optional: Key customers and strategic partners


Key questions to answer

•  What is the collective set of strengths? Conversely, what is the missing DNA?
•  Is there unification of vision/focus? Consistency of purpose?
•  Is there effective goal setting?
•  What is the attitude and philosophy towards hiring?
•  What is the cause and effect to achieving or missing targets?

•  Are there “camps” or “silos” in the company?
•  Are there morale issues?
•  What is communications like inside and outside of the organization?


Review output

Develop/prioritize action items that address key gaps:
•  Rebalance the team and make the tough decisions early
•  Ensure a unified set of objectives and enable tracking mechanisms
•  Enact cultural development / enhancements

Communicate results and show self-awareness among leadership 
•  Be honest and transparent (what is sensitive?)
•  Reset expectations if needed
•  Stimulate entrepreneurial spirit

Establish key needs from key stakeholders including the board and staff


Value and performance assessment 


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