Do you need a COO?

Yelp COO, Geoff Donaker, explains how a startup CEO should approach the tricky decision of whether or not to hire a COO and when. Geoff discusses how he and CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman manage Yelp, and sheds light on the ideal attributes of a COO candidate. Read More

The art, science, and labor of recruiting

Congratulations, you are now an executive at a venture-backed company! You survived the presentations, the term sheet shuffle and the due-diligence. Everyone is calling you the Founder (which is true), yet you are actually a technologist, an engineer or just a “great ideas person” with an instinct for the market. But now you have to recruit a team; perhaps, for example, a VP Marketing (maybe you have never been in a room with a real VP Marketing and don't really know what one does or how to assess his or her capabilities!) Worse still, you might be recruiting a CEO but have never really understood what a CEO does or how to appraise one. How do you evaluate a candidate, especially for a management role that you do not have great familiarity with? Read More

UX recruiting toolkit: Understanding UX Skills (1/7)

User experience design is a multidisciplinary field. A well-designed product must be visually appealing and simple, and easy to understand, learn and use. Creating a well-designed product is an endeavor that requires technical skills — an understanding of computer science, human computer interaction and visual perception and cognition — and tremendous creativity. Read More

UX recruiting toolkit: Compensation (7/7)

“How much does a designer typically make?” The answer to this question varies widely, based on a number of factors: Current comp, Comp history, Competing offers, How long has the company been looking, How important is the role to fill, How much do you want the person, Quality of the candidate’s skills and experience. Read More