"That means either you've found this hidden gold pile in the dirt somewhere or else it is the most boring story possible, and there was a reason no one has written about it before because there's just no story there at all." - Graham Moore, Novelist & Screenwriter, sits down with KV Venture Partner, Evan Moore, to chat inventions Read More

Running an Effective Staff Meeting

"Meetings do take work and meetings are actually a really important team building tool yet they are never treated as such and therefore they become in fact complete energy sucks." - Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe, on Running an Effective Staff Meeting at our KV Summit. Read More

To Pivot or Not to Pivot and More

"So a pivot is that substantive change. But the real genius of a founder is not letting it happen to you, but being able to actually discover it before you run out of money." - Steve Blank, The Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, sits down with KV Partner, David Weiden, to discuss pivoting and more. Read More

Ditching Cognitive Overhead to Build Better Products

"Our brains are actually literally hard-wired to operate this way, to take things and concepts, and abstract them relative to known things and concepts. The more jumps that we make our brains go through, the harder it is to use a product." - David Lieb, Product Lead Google Photos, on Ditching Cognitive Overhead to Build Better Products. Read More

AI & AGI Current Implications & Future Trends

"Deep learning is awesome, it can do all kinds of different stuff, it can play games, it can control robots, but it has the same limitations as the old brain, which is you need a lot of label training data." - D. Scott Phoenix, CEO & Founder Vicarious, on AI & AGI Current Implications and Future Trends at our KV Summit. Read More

Power Pitching to Investors

"The difference between a great idea that gets adopted and a great idea that gets rejected is based solely on how someone communicates." - Nancy Duarte, Author & CEO Duarte Inc, discusses Power Pitching to Investors at our KV Summit Read More