Evan Moore

Evan is a Partner at Khosla Ventures. He is passionate about early stage product development, customer-centered design, businesses prototyping, and giving people leverage through technology.

Evan first met the KV team as cofounder and head of operations at DoorDash. He joined KV as an EIR in 2014, where he helped with seed investments in Checkr and NimbleRx. From KV, Evan joined the Opendoor team pre-launch to lead product. At Opendoor, he built teams in product, sales and operations and then scaled the buyer side of the marketplace as General Manager.

Evan started his career as an executive assistant at Universal Music Group, where he helped create and spin-out the music video platform Vevo. Before having a "real" job, Evan was a drummer and audio engineer. He is available to play drums at events and weddings.

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