Nikita Shamgunov

Nikita is a Partner at Khosla Ventures. He is passionate about deep tech, data infrastructure, and system software.

Prior to Khosla Ventures, Nikita co-founded SingleStore, a unicorn data and analytics company valued over $1.3 billion. He served as a founding CTO and then CEO, successfully scaling the company to over 40 million in ARR and near profitability. For the first nine months, Nikita lived in the office coding next to the servers. Prior to founding SingleStore, Nikita worked as a senior engineer at Facebook, and before that at Microsoft on the SQL Server product.

At KV, Nikita incubated Neon – a database company building serverless Postgres – that has raised $108 million.

Nikita has a Ph.D. in computer science from St. Petersburg. During college years Nikita received a bronze medal in ACM ICPC, and international student programming competition.

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    Medal in ACM ICPC programming competition
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