Alex Morgan

Alex is a Partner on the investment team at Khosla Ventures where he has a special focus in biotechnology, healthcare, data science, and AI/ML.  Alex has an MD and PhD in biomedical informatics from Stanford, with a dissertation on machine learning methods in precision medicine under the supervision of Atul Butte.  Alex has completed additional graduate work in biology and physics and a short postdoctoral fellowship in biochemistry and genetics with Ronald W. Davis at the Stanford Genome Technology Center.  

As a scientist, he has published over 50 scientific publications, primarily at the intersection of computer science, biology, and healthcare.  As an inventor, he has licensed IP to three separate companies.  As an entrepreneur, he has worked as an early employee or co-founder at a range of startups.  He currently sits on the boards of some of Khosla Ventures’ investments, including Deep Genomics and HeartVista.

Alex is committed to improving access to healthcare to underserved communities through community service, and served as co-manager of the volunteer-staffed Arbor Free Clinic in Menlo Park, where he also worked as head of IT and helped develop and deploy their electronic medical records system.  Alex is particularly interested in helping to advance diversity in STEM fields, including technology entrepreneurship.   

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