Investing in the Future of Healthcare & Moonshot Thinking

The global pandemic ushered in a new era of health innovation. Join StartUp Health founders Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes for an interactive Fireside Chat with Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures. They discuss the future of health innovation in a post-pandemic world, why moonshot thinking is more important than ever, and to dig deep into topics like the power of mindset and collaboration. Read More

Conversation with Cellino founder Nabiha Saklayen

During the holidays, Alex Morgan, Partner at Khosla Ventures, sat down with Nabiha Saklayen, CEO and co-founder of Cellino, to learn more about her and the company.  Cellino has a unique technique technology for AI-guided laser editing of stem cells for personalized therapies. The company's goal is to make autologous stem cell manufacturing scalable for the first time.  What follows is a transcript of that discussion. Read More

TechCrunch / The reinvention of medicine: Dr. Algorithm v0-v7 and beyond

The “practice of medicine” developed through tradition, and the experiential evolution of best practices with small-scale medical research studies can be substantially improved through the “science of medicine” with statistically better-validated data and conclusions. Much of the current practice is driven by conclusions derived from partial information about a patient’s history and symptoms, incomplete medical understanding based as much on opinions as validated science, and interacting subjectively with known and unknown biases of the physician, hospital and healthcare system. Read More