Project RIFLE

RIFLE is a decision making framework that helps improve targeting by quantifying otherwise non-quantified decisions. If you have a technology, what market should you apply it to? Should you sell to international or domestic markets? Big or small customers? What channels make the most sense for sales? RIFLE can help you be more rigorous and inspire a more effective way for you to make decisions at your company. Read More

Rockefeller University Insight Lecture Series / 2030: 20-percent doctor included?

"Silicon Valley is not a place but a state of mind." – Vinod Khosla In this talk, Vinod will speak about the ways in which he's seeking to apply Silicon Valley principles and approaches to transform, even foster a revolution in, healthcare. We'll hear Vinod argue that much of what physicians do can be done better by well-designed sensors, passive and active data collectors and analytics without taking away the human element of care. Read More