The art, science, and labor of recruiting: “Finally”

  • If you really want someone, always believe a “no is a maybe” and a “maybe should be a yes”!
  • Understand that post-offer follow-up is critical. Do it more than once.
  • Prepare the candidate for resignation. Ask them, “what will you do if your current employer offers you the moon?” Many candidates are lost after they accept a new position. Prepare them for a “massive counter offer” and have them think through how they would respond to that!

A venture can only progress so far on the strength of ideas alone. I’ve seen companies with amazing products and killer ideas fail because of a weak leadership team; conversely, I’ve watched a stellar executive lineup transform mediocrity into unbelievable success.

Organizational culture is not created on paper. It’s a dynamic, living organism that evolves every time you add someone new to the team. Mistakes will happen, but the team should be cohesive enough to shake them off. Be unrelenting in your quest for the best possible employees who complement each other. It’s time-consuming and often challenging but remember: the team you build is ultimately the company you build.

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