Vijit Sabnis

Vijit Sabnis is a Venture Partner at Khosla Ventures, where he focuses on emerging physical and life science technologies spanning a broad range of sectors including consumer, health, energy, sustainability, computation and communications.

Prior to Khosla Ventures, Vijit was a co-founder and the CEO of Solar Junction, a manufacturer of high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells, where he helped solve a long-standing materials science challenge and subsequently achieved two world records in solar cell efficiency. The company was later acquired by Taqnia International, the U.S. subsidiary of the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company.

Previously, Vijit was an early employee at Translucent, a startup developing advanced semiconductor technologies for the electronics and photonics markets. While there, he focused on developing complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip-compatible lasers that would enable inter- and intra-chip and rack optical communications without the speed and power limitations associated with traditional copper electrical interconnect. He also led the team to create the world’s first rare-earth oxide light emitters for integration into silicon waveguides and win a multi-year contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract. Translucent was acquired by Silex Systems [ASX: SLX].

While he was a graduate student at Stanford, Vijit helped incubate a new laser technology that led to the formation of the Santur Corporation. The company developed the laser technology into the number one tunable laser product in the world and was acquired by Neophotonics [NYSE: NPTN].

Vijit holds a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science with highest honors from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds a master’s of science degree and doctor of philosophy degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, where he received a National Science Foundation fellowship and a Stanford electrical engineering department fellowship. His dissertation focused on developing and demonstrating optically controlled electro-absorption modulators as efficient wavelength converters for integration into optical routers.

In his spare time, Vijit enjoys the outdoors including but not limited to hiking, running and tennis. As an enthusiastic sports fan, he closely follows the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Francisco 49ers and Giants, in addition to his both his alma maters’ sports teams.