Maryanna Saenko

Maryanna is a Principal on the investment team at Khosla Ventures with an interest in robotics, aerospace, and the future of food. Previously she was at DFJ, focused on early-stage frontier technology investments, and Airbus Ventures where she has led a series of deals strategically aligned with Airbus’ future of aerospace initiatives.

Prior to joining Airbus, Maryanna spent 8 years in Boston which included building long-range low frequency antenna at FerroSolutions, working as a materials engineer at Cabot Corporation, and leading an autonomous systems consulting group at Lux Research where she advised Fortune 500 companies on their automation and robotic strategies. Maryanna graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering and BioMedical Engineering. She worked as a researcher in the CMU Field Robotics Center where she helped build planetary rovers.

In her spare time Maryanna collects adventure sports and enjoys jumping horses, kiteboarding, backcountry skiing, motorcycles, mountain biking, and rock climbing.