George John

George is an operating partner at Khosla Ventures and an instructor at Stanford University.

Previously, George was founder and CEO of Rocket Fuel, whose autonomous AI engine powered ridiculously good digital ad campaigns for almost all large US advertisers plus many global brands. It had the top technology IPO in 2013, was ranked the #1 fastest-growing tech company in North America by Deloitte, and is featured in the classic Crossing the Chasm as an example of intelligently interfacing novel technology with an existing and evolving ecosystem. Rocket Fuel won many industry awards for innovation, its great workplace, and for its philanthropic work, and George was recognized with an EY Entrepreneur of the Year and Most-Admired CEO award.

Before Rocket Fuel, George was an early employee at Epiphany and The combined IPO’s of these three companies created $65 billion in peak value for shareholders. At George led product management for analytics and social, which respectively helped the company attract large enterprise customers and cement its relationships with its champions. George also worked at Yahoo and IBM, building businesses around machine learning and leading M&A diligence of startups.

George earned a BS, MS, and PhD with distinction in teaching from the Computer Science department at Stanford. His 1997 thesis focused on Machine Learning, and one of his papers on the topic of relevance became a top ten most-cited paper in global AI and ML literature. While at Stanford, he won an NSF fellowship and worked at NASA, earning his “rocket scientist” credentials. He has taught a number of courses in Computer Science at Stanford and is an instructor for its famous Lean Launchpad class, teaching entrepreneurial science to MBA and engineering students.

He is a past board member of the Ad Council and a current volunteer at Reading Partners, STEM Stars, and Loc8Don8, a nonprofit founded by his daughters, who hope to reduce waste and help the needy by encouraging and facilitating donations to charities.