Catherine Casuga

Catherine​ ​is an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures who specializes in advising founders, executives, and recruiting colleagues on how to grow technical teams​ effectively​ and​ ​run recruiting operations​ successfully​.

Prior to joining KV, Catherine ​used her staffing talents at Google for nine years where she ​​held several talent acquisition leadership roles. During​ ​her time there,​ ​she​​ led​ a ​team of technical​ recruiters through one of its ​earliest and ​most rapid growth periods,​ ​built and led​ ​the growth strategy for its Geo/Maps division, and​ ​implemented​ ​global staffing programs​ ​for software engineering organizations​. ​In her early days with the company, Catherine built world class teams for Google Research, Google Maps and Google Earth.

​Catherine ​received​ ​a bachelor's of arts​ ​degree in​ ​psychology from​ ​the​ ​University of​ ​California​ ​Irvine​.​ With the exception of​ ​her​ ​college​ ​years, Catherine ​​​has lived in the Bay Area​ ​most of her life​ ​and was raised out of San Jose​, California​. ​She ​enjoys reading,​ creative arts,​ ​​practicing yoga​, and has an obsession with ​baking cakes​ and desserts​​​.​ She founded​ Sweet Sisters Bakery, a small dessert catering business ​which she operates out of her home kitchen​​. ​In her spare time, she is a volunteer for Cake4Kids, a non-profit organization centered around baking birthday cakes for at-risk children and youth in the Bay Area.​