Amar Ghodasara

Amar is an Operating Principal at Khosla Ventures where he focuses on innovative Life Science companies. He is particularly interested in advanced therapeutic modalities, platforms for drug discovery and delivery, and the applications of synthetic biology in medicine and beyond. Amar is driven by his passion for translating basic science discoveries into products that have a positive impact on society.

Prior to joining Khosla Ventures, Amar held various operating roles at rapidly growing biotech companies. Amar also has several years of experience working as a management consultant, advising leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies on strategic planning, M&A, R&D, and business development strategy. 

Amar received his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was funded by DARPA to develop novel synthetic biology tools for therapeutic, industrial, and food engineering applications. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and holds several patents for genome engineering techniques.

Amar enjoys long distance running and experimenting with culinary fermentation in his spare time.