Adam Coates

Adam Coates is an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures, providing expertise in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in regard to Machine and Deep Learning.  Adam supports entrepreneurs and their companies to build machine learning teams and develop AI technical strategy.

Adam was previously the Director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab in Sunnyvale, leading a team of 50 engineers and researchers to develop AI technologies that could reach at least 100 million users.  His team developed Baidu’s Deep Speech, a speech recognition system and Deep Voice, text-to-speech, along with other deep learning-based AI technologies for natural interfaces, connecting these to Baidu’s products in China as well as English-language applications.  He was named one of MIT Tech Reviews top Innovators Under 35 for his team’s work at Baidu.

Adam received his BS from Stanford and in 2012 earned his PhD from the institution.  During his graduate career, Adam co-developed one of the most sophisticated autonomous helicopters in the world, created computer vision systems for robots, developed HPC systems for large-scale Deep Learning with GPUs, and led a team to build deep learning-based vision methods for autonomous cars.