The resource-rich lifestyle seven hundred million people enjoy is one for which seven billion people are still striving. Technology-based entrepreneurship, may be the only necessary, if not sufficient, response to meet the global population’s desires for a better life. This is the promise of Silicon Valley. Get started.

Standard operating procedures

At Khosla Ventures, we offer real targeted help to entrepreneurs. As part of that, we have a set of standard operating procedures that will guide you in building a lasting company.

Growth marketing

Startups are defined by growth. Many entrepreneurs have fever dreams about creating a product that takes the world by storm—the next Google, Facebook or WhatsApp—and investors have similar visions of funding them. Behind product, growth is the single most important thing on which startups should focus. Learn more.

Team building

A company becomes the people it hires. Successful startups seldom follow their original plans. Teams not only determine how risk is handled but also evolve to better utilize opportunities and address and redefine risks. Learn how to make the platitude of “hire great people” an actionable and quantifiable process.


Whether it’s hardware or software innovation, design has the power to make even the most complicated technology usable, useful and delightful. Good designers will be drawn to inspiring missions and companies where they feel they can do great work. Learn how you can create an environment where design will be successful.


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