Ghost is self-driving for you and your car.


Glydways believes in public transit for everyone, everywhere. Our transit solution is profitable at today’s fares, a first in a century, and that allows us to scale dramatically by leveraging private capital to build interconnected transit systems. By addressing the need for mobility globally, we can take cars off the road and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing the best passenger experience, with the highest capacity, at the lowest cost and lowest carbon footprint of any transit technology. Glydways completely redefines the concept of public transit.


Hermeus, an aerospace technology company founded in 2018, is developing aircraft capable of flight in excess of Mach 5 - over 3,000 miles per hour. At Mach 5, flight times from New York to London will be reduced from 7 hours to 90 minutes. The vision of the company is to connect the world’s cities significantly faster than ever before.


Ridecell Inc. is leading the way in the digital transformation of fleet businesses and operations. The Ridecell Fleet IoT (Internet of Things) Automation solutions modernize and monetize fleets by combining data insights with digital vehicle control to turn today’s manual processes into automated workflows. The result is unmatched levels of efficiency and control for shared services, motorpools, rental, and logistic fleets.


Voyage’s mission is to deliver on the promise of self-driving cars. Voyage is building the technology to bring autonomous transportation to those who need it most.


Waabi is an AI company building the next generation of self-driving technology. With a world class team and an innovative approach that unleashes the power of AI to “drive” safely in the real world, Waabi is bringing the promise of self-driving closer to commercialization than ever before.