Berkshire Grey

Berkshire Grey is a stealth mode IT start up.

Compound Eye

Compound Eye enables machines to understand their surroundings in 3D and in real time using only passive sensors like cameras. Our technology gathers far more information about the environment than active sensors like lidar for a fraction of the cost. Our mission is to bring superhuman senses to existing vehicles and to enable mass production of fully autonomous cars and other robots.


Giant.AI is a stealth mode robotics start up.

Momentum Machines

Momentum Machines is revolutionizing the way food is prepared with technology that allows for gourmet quality food to be sold at fast food prices. The company has created a robot that makes customized hamburgers from raw ingredients through complete packaging with zero human intervention.


Opentrons makes robots for biologists.

Vicarious Surgical

Vicarious Surgical integrates virtual reality with surgical robotics.