HealthTap is reinventing the way people access information about their health by connecting patients and doctors online and disseminating trusted, vetted, peer-reviewed medical information.
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HealthTap: Helping millions feel good

Case Study


Working with Khosla Ventures

My goal was to find real entrepreneurs to invest in HealthTap – people who have actually built world-changing multi-billion dollar businesses. There are surprisingly very few entrepreneurs who fit that profile.

KV truly understands entrepreneurs, because they actually are entrepreneurs. There’s much more alignment in how I think and how they think. They are genuinely excited about company building and changing the world.   

KV truly understands entrepreneurs, because they actually are entrepreneurs.

Vinod is incredibly strategic. He looks at things from 30,000 feet with a bird’s eye view. Whenever I talk with him, he has important perspectives that I never thought about before. When Keith joined KV, it became a no brainer. I thought to myself: it’s a dream team with Vinod as a close advisor and Keith on the board, ‘We are doing a deal. I don’t want to negotiate with other VCs; let’s just figure this out.’

Fundamental innovation

At this stage of my business, the biggest risk is to just harvest the company and shift to monetization, rather than actually build something transformative and continue to scale. All of my discussions with Vinod have been centered on fundamental innovation, not just incremental improvements. How do you fundamentally innovate in an industry, especially for the most formidable problems of our time like healthcare? It must be ingrained in the technology. 

How do you fundamentally innovate in an industry, especially for the most formidable problems of our time like healthcare?


Very few people have the experience that Keith does. He’s been instrumental in putting together teams and propelling growth in companies at all stages and has put together teams at some of the most successful companies of our time. He can help with anything and everything operational – from tactical to business decisions, from go-to-market strategy to acquisition and partnership deals and from introductions to some of the most amazing people in tech to thinking about employee motivation and culture…and a million other things. Basically, everything you want from an investor and a real partner.