Affirm’s mission is to deliver honest financial products to improve lives. Affirm uses modern technology to re-imagine and re-build core components of financial infrastructure from the ground up. The company is focused on improving the lives of everyday consumers with less expensive, more transparent financial products.


Blockstream’s core area of innovation is sidechains, a technology focused on improving on the blockchain, the most powerful public utility for distributed trust systems.


Boku is a global mobile payments network providing mobile-enhanced payments in e-commerce and at physical point-of-sale. They service 68 countries through more than 250 carrier partners and are connected to merchants such as Facebook, Electronic Arts (EA), Sony, Spotify, Lookout and Riot Games.


Cadre is a technology-enabled investment platform that connects qualified individuals and institutions to fully vetted, compelling real estate investment opportunities.


Catch is redesigning benefits to put people at the center of their own financial stability and security. For freelancers, contractors, and workers without access to employer benefits, Catch automatically handles tax withholding, builds long-term investment savings, and provides critical insurance products. In creating a personalized safety net, Catch envisions a world where individuals can leverage data-driven curation and timely insights to gain full agency over changing needs.


Chain builds cryptographic ledger systems that make financial services smarter, more secure, and more connected.

Ethos Lending

Ethos is a next-generation lender that uses technology to drive down the cost of mortgage origination. The company has built an online system which allows them to offer loans at some of the lowest price points in the country. Their state-of-the-art automatic loan processing system delivers a transparent and efficient experience, to both consumers and brokers.


Even gives you a consistent paycheck every week, no matter how many hours you got this week. Even does this by setting aside a little bit of money for you in good weeks, and by giving you interest-free credit in bad weeks. Plus, get this: if you have a big bill like rent but are short on cash, Even lets you advance extra money now to make sure you’re covered.


Fundbox leverages deep data analytics to accelerate cash flow and clear invoices for small businesses.


Fundera is the go-to financial resource for small business owners, helping them shop and compare their financial options—from loans to credit cards to banking—and make the best business decisions they’ve ever made.