Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists and a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions and consulting. Users compete with each other to solve complex data science problems using the latest and varied applications of machine learning. The company has a track-record of solving real-world problems across an array of industries including energy, life sciences, financial services, aviation, information technology and retail.


MemSQL delivers the leading database platform for real-time analytics. Global enterprises use MemSQL to achieve peak performance and optimize data efficiency. With the combined power of database, data warehouse, and streaming workloads in one system, MemSQL helps companies anticipate problems before they occur, turn insights into actions, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Visit memsql.com or follow us @memsql.



MetaMind wants to make deep learning accessible to everyone. Deep learning is a rapidly growing branch of artificial intelligence. It comprises a set of techniques that don’t require domain experts to program knowledge into algorithms. Instead, these techniques can learn by observing data. MetaMind is at the forefront of both the research in Deep Learning and its applications to new problems and industries. MetaMind improves and distributes state of the art solutions in natural language processing, computer vision and database predictions.


NetSpring is a cloud application platform-as-a-service for quick, continuous, AI/ML-assisted, actionable business insights from operational data. NetSpring's mission is to enable enterprises to run mission-critical, fast-moving, large scale business operations with more agility.