Green investing strategies

At Khosla Ventures, we offer venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs. In particular, the firm helps entrepreneurs and supports breakthrough scientific work in clean technology areas such as bio-refineries , bioplastics, water, materials, solar,  geothermal, battery, engines and many  other environmental areas. From a green perspective, there are four major areas of investments that we focus on: (1) oil use reduction (2) cleaning up coal based power generation (3) higher efficiency devices and equipment, and (4) new materials to replace petroleum based plastics, carbon intensive building materials, and clean water.

Given the basic areas of investments, here we discuss the specific questions that we ask ourselves before any investment – and the rules that we apply in our decision making process. In the following pages, we outline Khosla Ventures’ perspective and criteria for differentiating good investments from good, sustainable “climate change” solutions – in particular, detailing the quasi- checklist that we’re looking for in any idea. Our goal is to tackle the major carbon dioxide emitters in the US (and the world)…

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