Project RIFLE

RIFLE is a decision making framework that helps improve targeting by quantifying otherwise non-quantified decisions. If you have a technology, what market should you apply it to? Should you sell to international or domestic markets? Big or small customers? What channels make the most sense for sales? RIFLE can help you be more rigorous and inspire a more effective way for you to make decisions at your company. Read More

Consumer fundraising checklist

So, you’re trying to raise money. Here’s a guide for thinking about the kind of information you’ll need to craft a narrative about your company. Depending on your stage of growth, you may want to focus on different elements of this checklist. This is meant as a general guide, not a prescriptive template. Read More

If/then planning

The goal of if/then scenario planning is to better understand how you can manage your company’s spend and ensure capital efficiency in order to achieve success. Ask yourself what bad things could happen, and what would your countermeasures be? Read More

Gene pool engineering for entrepreneurs: Why first hires are important (1/11)

A strong team is the most important element of a company’s ability to achieve success. The first few hires help the founders create the environment they will all work in and help drive the product development process. It is also the team that drives (and interviews) all future hires and their ideas and biases get incorporated in the team. There is always talk of startup culture, but it is the founders and their first round of hires that define that culture. Read More

Gene pool engineering for entrepreneurs: Background on traditional (functional) recruiting (2/11)

Most of the time, startups need a culture of experimentation and an attitude of “change the industry rules, not play by them” is a key requirement . Often in larger, more stable enterprises, repeating yesterday’s strategy is 90-percent of the job. In startups, there was no yesterday and one can’t use “industry rules” to cause disruption. Read More