What’s Better Than Free Lunch? Free Growth.

I very much enjoy the time I get to spend with Vinod Khosla on both a personal and professional level, and always come away from our conversations with a nugget or two of business gold. Last year he shared with me his idea of “free growth” for a company. At its core, this means getting the new members of your sales team to produce more revenue than what they cost the company by way of cash. Read More

Customer management is like dating

In this video, hear from general partner of Kleiner Perkins, Bing Gordon, as he uses the metaphor of dating to discuss customer management from prospecting to long-term retention. Learn about the algorithm for dating a cat to tactics used on eHarmony and OKCupid. Read More

The enterprise sales learning curve

“It always takes longer and costs more,” laments Don Valentine of Sequoia Capital, one of the most successful and respected venture capitalists today. This is consistent with our own extensive involvement in entrepreneurial companies over the past twenty-five years where it is the truly rare company that meets or exceeds its initial plans. The large majority miss the timing of their revenue ramp and require more capital than originally planned to achieve cash flow breakeven operations. When established companies release their first product in a new category (for them), they often face the same challenges. Read More