In this talk, Alex Schultz, vice president of growth at Facebook explains the basics of how to gain sustainable traction. Hear stories from Facebook's early days acquiring users and learn why growth must be a priority for everyone in a startup's leadership. Read More

Customer management is like dating

In this video, hear from general partner of Kleiner Perkins, Bing Gordon, as he uses the metaphor of dating to discuss customer management from prospecting to long-term retention. Learn about the algorithm for dating a cat to tactics used on eHarmony and OKCupid. Read More

How to write a good product requirements document (PRD)

The PRD describes the product your company will build. It drives the efforts of the entire product team and the company’s sales, marketing and customer support efforts. It’s hard to come up with a more important, higher leverage piece of work for a company. Read More

The top 12 product management mistakes and how to avoid them

Bad products are everywhere. Products that simply aren’t useful, don’t work right, are too difficult to learn, or that take forever to sell. Little wonder, as there are so many things that have to go right in order to create a successful product. There are, however, some pitfalls that occur so frequently and are so damaging that we believe they are at the root of the vast majority of bad products. Read More

Behind every great product

Every member of the product team is important. To succeed, a company must design, build, test and market the product effectively. That said, there is one role that is absolutely crucial to producing a good product, yet it is often the most misunderstood and underutilized of all the roles. This is the role of the product manager. In this paper we discuss the role and responsibilities of the good product manager, and then we look at the characteristics of good product managers, where to find them, and how to develop them. Read More

Good product manager, bad product manager

A Good Product Manager plays critical role in a successful product. A successful product is the highest impact contribution that anyone can make in the PD organization. In fact, the number one criteria for selecting a Vice President is the candidate's track record (or lack thereof) of successful products that become profitable businesses for their company. Read More