Hypergrowth in the enterprise

In this video, hear directly from Zenefits founder/CEO, Parker Conrad, as he talks about the company's hyper growth, the culture that enables urgency and action and how they got there from being the black sheep of YC prototype day. Read More

ThoughtSpot: Democratizing access to data

In the early days at PayPal, key decisions were empirically driven, and the leadership team expected every employee be just as analytical. As a result, the entire team became facile with the metrics driving the business and insisted that regardless of seniority, each employee make rational calculations on their own. Read More

The enterprise sales learning curve

“It always takes longer and costs more,” laments Don Valentine of Sequoia Capital, one of the most successful and respected venture capitalists today. This is consistent with our own extensive involvement in entrepreneurial companies over the past twenty-five years where it is the truly rare company that meets or exceeds its initial plans. The large majority miss the timing of their revenue ramp and require more capital than originally planned to achieve cash flow breakeven operations. When established companies release their first product in a new category (for them), they often face the same challenges. Read More

Good group product manager

Group Product Manager is the most important non-executive position in a software company. In fact, it is more important and has higher impact on the company than many executive posts. A failed product can sink the company. A successful product can literally redefine the course of the business. Nobody is more responsible or more accountable for a product than the Group Product Manager. Read More