TechCrunch / The reinvention of medicine: Dr. Algorithm v0-v7 and beyond

The “practice of medicine” developed through tradition, and the experiential evolution of best practices with small-scale medical research studies can be substantially improved through the “science of medicine” with statistically better-validated data and conclusions. Much of the current practice is driven by conclusions derived from partial information about a patient’s history and symptoms, incomplete medical understanding based as much on opinions as validated science, and interacting subjectively with known and unknown biases of the physician, hospital and healthcare system. Read More

Fireside chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin

At the annual KV CEO Summit, we were fortunate to have both Larry Page and Sergey Brin sit down to discuss a wide range of topics including the acquisition that never was (although not for lack of trying!), why computers today are still pretty bad, their partnership over the last 16 years, the future of Google, government 2.0 and how machine learning and technology will shape our future of abundance. Read More

ThoughtSpot: Democratizing access to data

In the early days at PayPal, key decisions were empirically driven, and the leadership team expected every employee be just as analytical. As a result, the entire team became facile with the metrics driving the business and insisted that regardless of seniority, each employee make rational calculations on their own. Read More

Wired / The prognosis for data-led medicine is healthy

Today's medicine is more practice than science, albeit intelligent practice. Too much is left to qualitative judgments based on tradition, experience and dated, often un-tested, beliefs. But we are about to make a quantum leap in the capabilities of medicine driven by digital health technologies, sensors and data science. It's only a matter of time before this leap in technology empowers individuals to become the CEOs of their own health. Read More

Big data, better health

In this video, hear from founder/CEO, Anmol Madan, as he explains how the explosion in data and sensors transitions care from episodic data to continuous insight, which results in improved clinical outcomes and cost savings. Read More