UX recruiting toolkit: Understanding UX Skills (1/7)

User experience design is a multidisciplinary field. A well-designed product must be visually appealing and simple, and easy to understand, learn and use. Creating a well-designed product is an endeavor that requires technical skills — an understanding of computer science, human computer interaction and visual perception and cognition — and tremendous creativity. Read More

UX recruiting toolkit: Compensation (7/7)

“How much does a designer typically make?” The answer to this question varies widely, based on a number of factors: Current comp, Comp history, Competing offers, How long has the company been looking, How important is the role to fill, How much do you want the person, Quality of the candidate’s skills and experience. Read More

Design is…

Today, design is as important as technology. I was meeting with a startup last week when the principal architect asked me why is design more important now than ever before? And to answer that, let’s reflect on the evolution of automobile design. Read More