On Culture

Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, in conversation with David Weiden on creating culture at work and where we sometimes go wrong. Read More

To Pivot or Not to Pivot and More

"So a pivot is that substantive change. But the real genius of a founder is not letting it happen to you, but being able to actually discover it before you run out of money." - Steve Blank, The Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, sits down with KV Partner, David Weiden, to discuss pivoting and more. Read More

Project RIFLE

RIFLE is a decision making framework that helps improve targeting by quantifying otherwise non-quantified decisions. If you have a technology, what market should you apply it to? Should you sell to international or domestic markets? Big or small customers? What channels make the most sense for sales? RIFLE can help you be more rigorous and inspire a more effective way for you to make decisions at your company. Read More

Good product manager, bad product manager

A Good Product Manager plays critical role in a successful product. A successful product is the highest impact contribution that anyone can make in the PD organization. In fact, the number one criteria for selecting a Vice President is the candidate's track record (or lack thereof) of successful products that become profitable businesses for their company. Read More

Good group product manager

Group Product Manager is the most important non-executive position in a software company. In fact, it is more important and has higher impact on the company than many executive posts. A failed product can sink the company. A successful product can literally redefine the course of the business. Nobody is more responsible or more accountable for a product than the Group Product Manager. Read More