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AltaRock Energy is a renewable-energy development company focused on the research and development of engineered geothermal systems (EGS). AltaRock has filed patent applications for a portfolio of patents in the EGS area and holds exclusive licenses for related intellectual property.

Climate Corp.
Blue River
Hampton Creek
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Bridge International

Izar Solar

Ciris Energy

Nanostellar is developing nano-engineered catalyst materials that reduce exhaust emissions and increase the effectiveness of precious metals in
these catalysts by 25 to 30 percent. These materials allow customers in the automotive and stationary power industries to boost catalytic
converter performance and to comply with industry regulations more cost effectively. Nanostellar’s Rational Catalyst Design methodology combines
computation materials science, novel synthesis, and chemical engineering to aid in the rapid development of these novel materials.More on technology
NanoH2O enhances current polymer-based membranes with a nano-structured material that allows additional control of key membrane properties. The result is a wide array of advantageous membrane characteristics including improved throughput at requisite salt and contaminant rejection levels, passive and active fouling resistance, and the flexibility to address specific water chemistries.
SunBorne Energy develops, builds and operates utility-scale solar plants in India. Our aim is to deliver solar energy at commercially viable costs, as an alternative to conventional power. Our first plants are already operational and our next plants are already designed to compete with conventional grid power (grid-parity). Our R&D division develops low-cost solar-thermal solutions that continue to lower the cost of solar power.
Granular powers the world’s most efficient farms. The company’s cloud software and analytics platform helps farmers become more efficient and make better business decisions.
Nu-Tek Salt introduces reduced sodium and salt replacement products that incorporate a novel, patented technology and better tasting potassium chloride (NPC) to help lower the sodium content in your food applications.
EtaGen is merging the aspirations of cleantech with the practicality of tried-and-true technology to revolutionize the way electricity is generated and delivered.
Point Source Power makes fuel cell systems that generate electricity from renewable biomass for people without access to an electric grid. By doing this we are empowering the off-grid world.
Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of nursery and primary schools offering high-quality education at an affordable price to families living on less than $2 a day per person.
The Climate Corporation’s mission is to help the world’s people and businesses adapt to climate change. The company’s unique technology platform enables the real-time pricing and purchasing of customizable weather insurance using proprietary global weather simulation modeling and local weather monitoring systems.
The company protects the $3 trillion global agriculture industry from the financial impact of adverse weather – the cause of over 90 percent of crop loss – with fully automated weather insurance products. Unlike traditional insurance, The Climate Corporation’s products pay out automatically based solely on measured weather conditions, requiring no claims process and no waiting for payment.

Segetis, a technology-enabled green chemistry company, produces versatile, cost-effective chemical building blocks to make chemicals and plastics with unique material properties, cost-effective economics, and a dramatically improved health and environmental footprint.More on technology

Draths has developed proprietary bacterial organisms that transform sugars from renewable feedstock into chemical intermediates that are traditionally manufactured from petroleum-based sources. By focusing on output materials such as caprolactam and resorcinol, Draths passes on value to polymer manufacturers and their customers.More on technology
View is developing next-generation green building materials and solutions with a global impact. By bringing together a world-class team and resources from the glass, optical coatings, and semiconductor industries, View is poised to deliver new and advanced performing products that significantly reduce energy use in buildings.
Silicium Energy Corp.
…commercializing a revolutionary thermoelectric device for high efficiency cooling and power generation

Calera is making global carbon capture economically viable. Calera’s Mineralization via Aqueous Precipitation (MAP) process captures massive volumes of carbon dioxide and other emissions, such as SOx, acid gases, and mercury, and converts the emissions into high quality sustainable building materials and water. Calera’s process captures emissions at the power plant and avoids carbon emissions at the cement plant.More on technology

Virdia has developed a proprietary platform for cost-effectively extracting highly refined sugars and lignin from a variety of cellulosic feedstocks.
More on technology

Range Fuels has invented a two-step thermochemical process and a proprietary catalyst to produce renewable biofuels such as cellulosic
ethanol and methanol from nonfood sources. Range’s distributive and modular design allows the systems to be scaled up and brought to
sources where biomass is most plentiful, thus reducing transportation costs and fuel consumption.
Lanza’s core technology allows carbon monoxide from industrial waste and biomass syngas to be used for fuel and chemical
production via fermentation. Lanza’s proprietary microbes use carbon monoxide as their only source of carbon and energy for
growth and product synthesis.More on technology

Coskata is commercializing a proprietary process and related technologies for the conversion of a wide variety of input materials into ethanol. Coskata has an efficient, affordable, and flexible three-step conversion process that consists of gasification, biofermentation, and ethanol recovery.More on technology

Mascoma is pursuing the production of cellulosic biofuels and eco-friendly and sustainable chemicals from a variety of
cellulosic feedstock via the development of a Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP) technology. This technology leverages
engineered yeast and bacteria that can directly convert cellulose into ethanol, thus combining enzymatic digestion and
fermentation into a one-step, reduced-cost process.More on technology
Gevo is developing novel biocatalysts, host organisms, and processes for the economical production of biobutanol from
agricultural waste and other feedstock. Biobutanol is a platform chemical for the liquid fuels and petrochemical market and can be used as a gasoline blendstock to meet clean air standards and renewable fuel targets.More on technology

LS9 is developing a renewable, cost-effective and efficient way to produce petroleum-replacement products and industrial chemicals. LS9 has developed a new means of efficiently converting fatty acid intermediates into petroleum replacement products via fermentation of renewable sugars. LS9 has also discovered and engineered a new class of enzymes and their associated genes to efficiently convert fatty acids into hydrocarbons.More on technology

Amyris’ technology makes it possible to alter the metabolic pathways of microorganisms such as yeasts, creating living factories that produce molecules with practical applications. These microorganisms can be programmed to transform
plant-based feedstock into a multitude of different isoprenoids for energy, pharmaceutical, and chemical applications. Amyris’s technology was initially developed for the production of arteminisin, an antimalarial treatment.
More on technology

KiOR is developing and commercializing Biomass Catalytic Cracking (BCC)—a novel catalytic process that converts biomass into a high-quality, renewable crude oil that is a substitute for conventional crude oil. KiOR’s process leverages existing technology along with novel catalysts and is environmentally friendly due to minimal energy requirements and the generation of valuable side products such as water and minerals.More on technology

Seeo is developing a new generation of rechargeable, all-solid-state lithium batteries based on a proprietary polymer
electrolyte. Seeo offers dramatic improvements in energy density while providing best-in-class product lifetime and safety. By combining its core polymer electrolyte technology with a rich knowledge base of traditional lithium-ion materials, processing, and product design, Seeo has overcome the limitations of current technologies, offering a new platform for high-energy density storage systems for a variety of applications.More on technology
Sakti3 is developing an advanced solid-state rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology for automotive applications.
GridShift had developed a novel water electrolysis technique that will dramatically reduce the cost of hydrogen
production. GridShift’s nano-particle catalyst and a three-dimensional electrode allow it to produce four times more
hydrogen per electrode area with 97 percent lower catalyst costs than current commercial units. GridShift’s technique
uses no precious metals as catalysts and can have a zero carbon footprint when driven by a clean energy source.
GridShift will use this technology in conjunction with an alkaline fuel cell for a high-efficiency hydrogen flow cell.More on technology
Tula is developing a proprietary engine management solution, based on digital signal processing technology and
sophisticated control algorithms, to significantly improve the fuel economy and efficiency of internal combustion engines.More on technology
Caitin has developed a novel cooling cycle that will reduce energy use and revolutionize cooling and refrigeration.
Transonic is developing an innovative, supercritical fuel-injection technology that enables a lean combustion process and greatly improves engine efficiency by reducing fuel consumption at a given output power. This fuel injection technology is applicable to a variety of fuel mixtures.More on technology

EcoMotors is developing unique opposed-piston, high-efficiency engines for automotive, power generation, and other applications.
EcoMotors’ engine, turbo, and clutch design results in a high power density turbo-diesel engine with reduced turbo lag, fewer
components than conventional engines, improved fuel economy, and low parasitic power losses.More on technology
NRG Drive is an advanced hydraulic power train system, blending basic mechanical and fluid technology with state-of-the-art materials, packaging, and component innovations. NRG Drive can be partnered with gasoline, diesel, bio-fuel, electric, or solar power plants to create a highly efficient hybrid power train. With NRG Drive, it is possible to have fuel economy improvement of roughly 60 percent while at the same time reducing vehicle emissions by as much as 90 percent.
Soraa is revolutionizing the LED space by developing a high-efficiency, low-cost lighting technology.
Bidgely is the first platform that brings appliance-level itemized consumption for your household along with personalized energy savings recommendation, alerts and much more, all for free.
LumenZ is developing cost-effective zinc oxide-based LEDs with improved color characteristics for lighting applications.

Topanga Technologies is the leading innovator of solid-state drivers and electrode-free plasma lamps for industrial and commercial lighting applications. Topanga’s lamps and engines are engineered to optimize light output, color, quality, life, energy efficiency, and overall performance. Topanga’s breakthrough innovation has produced a novel light source design with high lumen-per-watt energy efficiency that exceeds HID, metal halide, HPS, halogen, induction, fluorescent, and LED light sources.More on technology

Danotek is developing a generator technology for wind turbines based on compact and lightweight permanent magnet generators. These generators simplify turbine design and construction, maximize efficiency, produce power at variable speeds, and extend the system lifetime.More on technology

Varentec develops advanced power electronics equipment for the electric grid. Our patented technology reduces size, increases performances, and delivers a net increase in efficiency.
Stion is a solar photovoltaics company developing high-efficiency thin-film modules with the reduced material and processing costs associated with thin films. The high efficiency of the modules will minimize the total installed costs of the photovoltaic
Nordic Windpower has designed, built, and operated a line of utility-scale, two-bladed wind turbines that are cost effective, reliable, and have overall less noise than three-blade turbines.
EchoFirst manufactures and markets an efficient integrated solar energy system. The integrated system provides both electric and heating needs for homes with a total energy output that greatly surpasses the output of a standard PV system.
GreatPoint Energy is a technology-driven natural resources company and the developer of a proprietary, highly-efficient catalytic process known as hydromethanation, by which coal, petroleum coke, and biomass are converted directly into low-cost, clean, pipeline-quality natural gas, while allowing for the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2). Hydromethanation yields dramatically improved economics for the production of natural gas and an environmental footprint equivalent to that of the most environmentally friendly commercial fuel.
Liquid Metal Battery Corporation (LMBC) is an early-stage company working to develop and commercialize a new battery technology that will revolutionize grid-scale power storage.
Leading the next generation of solar efficiency and payback.
AltaRock Energy is a renewable-energy development company focused on the research and development of engineered geothermal systems (EGS). AltaRock has filed patent applications for a portfolio of patents in the EGS area and holds exclusive licenses for related intellectual property.
Arcanum Alloy Design is a technology-driven company developing a new class of metal alloys and the methods for their production. By integrating technologies from diverse high-tech industries, Arcanum is creating materials that will reduce total manufacturing cost, improve performance and reduce customer lead times versus existing products. Our proprietary technology will redefine industrial metallurgical processes that have remained essentially unchanged for more than a century.
At GreenLight we have developed a revolutionary bio-manufacturing platform that leverages proprietary breakthroughs in cell-free production. Cell-free production means that we are able to use the biological synthesis tools evolved over hundreds of millions of years and available to all living creatures, but without the need to keep the host organism alive. In other words, we can take full advantage of the high selectivity, yield and sustainability of biological processes but without the burden of spending precious carbon atoms to sustain the microorganism, and without having to operate within their physiological conditions.
This revolution in bio-manufacturing has allowed GreenLight to create a new generation of bioprocesses capable of addressing major global issues of oil dependency and use of non-renewable substrates in the production of chemicals. And we can achieve this at costs, yields and productivities that compete favorably with even the dirtiest, least expensive chemical processes.
Reluceo is developing novel functional polymers and biodegradable plastics that will replace environmentally harmful components of major consumer products.
TerraPower aims to develop a sustainable and economic nuclear energy system while greatly reducing proliferation risks and creating new options for converting low-level waste into vast energy resources. TerraPower is investigating a class of nuclear fast reactors called the traveling wave reactor (TWR).
Ciris Energy uses scientific innovation to effectively harvest untapped energy that traditional methods leave behind. We are rejuvenating unproductive coal territories by stimulating and optimizing naturally occurring processes to efficiently produce natural gas.
Blue River Technology is disrupting chemical intensive agriculture. Our system employs cutting edge, proprietary computer vision and machine learning techniques to identify and mechanically eliminate weeds. By providing an alternative to the $25B herbicide market, this breakthrough solution has the potential to resolve the compromise between yield maximization and environmental stewardship. Blue River’s system enables farmers to cost effectively scale the care and precision they can provide with their own two eyes and hands.
Hampton Creek is finding new ways of utilizing plant-based ingredients that do not involve the resource intensity associated with raising animals. Our R&D is particularly focused on disrupting the global egg industry through lower cost and functionally superior products.
Pellion is developing an inexpensive, rechargeable magnesium-ion battery for electric and hybrid-electric vehicle applications.
LightSail Energy is developing breakthrough energy storage technology.