"I have set aside the idea of being called a venture capitalist, because I am not in the financial business. I am in the venture-assistant business. My goal is to be the best assistant there is for anybody trying to build a large, technology-oriented company."

—Vinod Khosla
(Silicon India)

our focus: assisting entrepreneurs
khosla ventures' mission:
Assist great entrepreneurs determined to build companies with lasting significance.
knowing & doing what it takes to foster winners
  • We are in the company-building business, not in the “deal” or “capital” business.
  • We have a history of leveraging relationships to build teams, attract partners and customers and then—together—building billion dollar businesses.
  • We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies and have not forgotten how to hustle. We get our hands dirty.
strategic advice, creative ideas
  • We opine on and sometimes help refine business plans.
  • We love working together to make something good into something great. Are we working to be protected against the worst that can happen? Are we leveraging the upside? Are we planning for assets as well as liabilities?
  • When good isn't good enough, we help you think outside the box and we help you change the rules.
  • Every business goes through pivotal moments—cave on the term or lose the customer, cancel the product line or keep it in market, make a key hiring decision. We have made most of these mistakes before ourselves. So now we can help or find someone in our portfolio who can help you think through what to do.
with a direct, straightforward style
  • We prefer brutal honesty to hypocritical politeness.
  • We seldom "vote" against management teams in our board role, but we can have strong opinions on our recommendations. We will challenge you without confronting you. Once we pick a management team, we back it, not second-guess it.
  • We are less about sweet talk and more about helping you build a business. We are definitely not about control ownership in your business.