"While being foolish enough to dream the dreams, an entrepreneur should be smart enough to get every critique he can, every skeptics opinion about what can go wrong, and plan for his/her liabilities in addition to his/her assets."

"You don't do extraordinary things by attempting ordinary things."

our portfolio – case studies
When we first met with LightSail Energy, the company had three exceptional scientists and a unique plan: to create a car running on compressed air. As with many start-ups, iteration on the original concept was key to its success.

We brainstormed with the company for six months, making a number of introductions to customers for potential feedback. As LightSail iterated, we guided the company through both its technical and business development. Eventually, the founders were able to identify an exciting opportunity: to apply their compressed-air technology for grid-scale energy storage. The company is now executing on its new business plan full throttle.